The Billion Dollar Fund Campaign

our pledge is aimed at mobilizing a global consortium committed to raise & invest $100Mn by 2020 in women entrepreneurs, and $1Bn collectively within the next decade, with a concerted effort by the funding circle.

Closing the funding gap requires a concerted effort to remove the biases we are bringing to the table, catch our pattern matching, and ultimately take a hard stance to change the outdated practices and policies that continue to fuel an unfair funding environment.

The How

How Does It Work?

As the folks behind the cheques, we have a larger responsibility in ensuring true diversity in our dealflow and we pledge to work through subconscious biases in investment considerations, advocating for the success of female founders and increasing our allocation of investment in women


As a participant of TBDF, I pledge to:

  • ensure that women-founded startups are included in my deal flow and highlighted to my investment committee
  • increase my overall investment in women-founded companies by the target amount I have specified by 2020
  • commit to providing constructive feedback to women who pitch to me and are declined

In return, TBDF will support pledgers by:

  • serving as a global consortium, facilitating increased exposure to global institutional funders such as the World Bank, sovereign funds, private equity and larger venture funds
  • providing bigger-picture opportunities towards the $1Bn goal, including: (i) an invitation to attend World Bank meetings in Bali/THK Forum (ii) invitations to join fund marketplaces & potentially be included in a woman-managed Fund of Funds*
  • driving global awareness through a year-long online and offline campaign and global investor roadtrips*

Ready to join us?

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