When you invest in women, you’re in good company™

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MassChallenge, a global network of accelerators has backed more than 1,500 businesses, of which 42% has at least one female founder. A BCG study conducted on 350 of their companies shows that there is a $1 million-dollar gap per startup pitching to an investor (1)
Footnote: (1) https://www.bcg.com/en-us/publications/2018/why-women-owned-startups-are-better-bet.aspx


Yet businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men, making women-owned companies better investments for financial backers (1)
Footnote: (2) https://www.bcg.com/en-us/publications/2018/why-women-owned-startups-are-better-bet.aspx


Despite this, venture funds committed to investing in women-founded companies, especially those led by women, also often struggle to expand their capital base and increase their capacity to invest.

In the US alone, women-founded companies get less than 2% of venture capital investments. All-women founding startup teams received just $1.9 billion of the $85 billion total invested by venture capitalists last year (2)


Recognizing this, our goal at The Billion Dollar Fund (“TBDF”) is
to mobilize $1 billion dollars in funding into companies founded by women entrepreneurs by 2020, globally.

We believe that by leveraging the capital of the major International Financial Institutions, Development Finance Institutions, sovereign funds, investment banks and others, we can begin to solve these decades-old problems. In time, we also see an opportunity for mission-driven individual high net worth investors, family offices and wealth managers also playing a role.


Mobilize a global consortium of blended finance partners committed to raising and investing $1 billion in companies founded or co-founded by women by 2020 as part of achieving the UN’s SDG 5 on Gender Equality.


Launching an awareness-raising campaign for The Billion Dollar Fund (TBDF) at the October 9-11, 2018, Blended Finance (TRI HITA KARANA) Forum on Sustainable Development, at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings in Bali, Indonesia and reach out to institutional, public sector and other investors seeking opportunities to invest in women-founded and led startups and growth companies.


Continue to mobilize funds until $ 1 billion and more is committed to women-founded companies over the next decade.



In Phase 1, The Founders and a network of partners launch a campaign to mobilize a global consortium of Blended Finance Partners that commit to an incremental goal to supporting to accelerate access to funding for, and expand the resources available to, women entrepreneurs and women founded and led companies.

Partner Funds that join the consortium will benefit from:

Increased exposure to global institutional funders such as international development funds, country funds, sovereign funds, private equity, and larger venture funds
Opportunity to attend Billion Dollar series and annual convenings, connecting the investment community

At Partner’s Own Expense

Opportunity to join a fund marketplace & be considered in a woman-managed Fund of Funds

Benefits in development for 2019


Beyond 2020

In Phase 2, investors will be encouraged to re-invest their initial investment in women-founded businesses. The cycle will be repeated until a total of $1billion incremental dollars have been invested.

Can this be done? In October 2017, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative reported that 47 U.S. funds that invest with a “gender lens” have raised $1.1 billion, most of it in just the past few years.

By mobilizing a Blended Finance fund, TBDF raises private sector resources and partners, along with funding from bi-lateral and multi-lateral development organizations.

TBDF leverages the public and private sector’s respective focus and mission to benefit women founders.

Specifically, as more and more development and governmental organizations begin to support innovation by and for women, the private sector can apply its knowledge and experience in incubating these companies and preparing them to scale up with timely and adequate capital infusions.

Equally important, TBDF’s consortium partners can exchange experiences, learn from each other, and avoid duplications and mistakes.

Impact Metrics

These incremental goals to promote women innovators in support of SDG 5 on Gender Equity will be measured by:


Total number of partners participating in the consortium and number of countries and regions they represent.

Capital Invested:

Total resulting incremental funds committed and invested in women-founded and led companies


Total number of businesses funded

Financial and Social ROI

Associated revenues and jobs created